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Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats to Match-3 To is an action-puzzle game set in a lush, narrative-driven world of witchy demons. Cast spells, be queer, & crash the biggest concert of the year!

By night, use Samar’s powers to help send transdimensional spirits back home. By day, roam the city and chat with friends, planning the ultimate pizza party for everyone to come together and catch up.

  •  Match to the beat as you reassemble lost spirits, and enjoy a custom lofi hip-hop soundtrack by the incredible Meltycanon.
  •  Cast powerful spells. Arrange spirits into special patterns to unlock potent powers!
  •  Compete in local VS mode! Everything is chill, until it gets permanently unchill....
  •  Enjoy over 5 unique game modes, including Time Attack, Score Attack, and Survival.
  •  Bond with a cast of witches and demons. Plan a pizza party together, crash a concert, maybe even smooch!
  •  Decorate your bedroom. Earn trinkets and keepsakes as you play, then place them in Samar’s room to affect the game!


  •  No microtransactions here. Spirit Swap is a premium game, which means you'll be able to enjoy it without worrying about hidden costs.
  •  Queer and diverse joy. Much like the cast of Spirit Swap, our team is also is queer, Black, and/or POC, and it's well past time we see ourselves experiencing happiness in media. This is a slice-of-life story for players needing a relaxing experience!
  •  A fresh look at Middle Eastern fantasy by creators FROM the region. Spirit Swap is set in a fictional city inspired by the Levant, a region rarely explored (in a positive light) in games.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(153 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Visual Novel
Tags2D, Colorful, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Lo-fi, Multiplayer, Narrative, Romance, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds


spirit-swap-demo-mac.zip 269 MB
spirit-swap-demo-windows.zip 255 MB

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incredible so far, my gay ass is too horny to play this :-p
fun and the art/music is amazing! <3

Any plans on an Android version?




Everything about this game from the artwork, to design, animation, and music is absolutely gorgeous!


Hello, I like to start off with saying everything that was shown in the trailer captivated me; the music, the colors, the character design's, and the little dancing animation the main character and her froggy does during the swap segment.

I can't get the demo to play though. I use a MAC and when I try to play the demo the icon would bounce on my desktop a few times, the screen would turn black for a few seconds, then it would go back to the desktop.
I followed dewbone3 suggestion about opening trough the macOS file but the same thing happened.

I'm using a MAC 10.13.6, core i5, 4 GB memory

I'm not sure if this helps but after the demo cancels the terminal says "Segmentation fault: 11"

if you need anymore information about the mac, let me know

Thank you for reading

Hey Kat,

we're looking into this and it's on our list of bugs for whenever we release an update for the demo. Thank you so much for letting us know! Unfortunately, due to us being a very small team with limited resources, we won't be able to address this for a while, at least until we have time to dedicate to the demo  over the game itself... I'm really sorry and very grateful for your report and patience!


hey! i really wanna stream your demo, but your game has an uncapped framerate and is blowing up my GPU by running at ~1800 FPS. is there a chance you can introduce a vsync or framerate limit option? thanks!

hey hivehum!

Sorry for the late reply, but we haven't been able to find the time to update the demo right now. The game is taking up all of our resources and time but when we do update the demo this is on our list of fixes! Thank you for letting us know and sorry for the trouble!

(1 edit) (+1)

i know this was 6mo ago but you can set a framerate lock or vsync yourself in your gpu settings!

if you have nvidia:
right click on desktop → nvidia control panel → program settings. select the .exe for the game, then set your max framerate to what you prefer. hope this helps x


I was checking through the Palestine bundle when I saw I had this and was surprised to see a game describing itself as Levantine in nature; I am descended from Palestinian and Lebanese parents and have lived in Jordan (as well as Kuwait, though that's not Levantine). So I tried it out!

I didn't really get any sense of that sort of culture in the game, mostly just from references such as to eating knafeh (delicious!) as well as the usage of henna in character designs. I'm curious to see how much further the full game might go to represent my ancestral culture in the full version!


hey hey Marimo! This is a bit unusual but I'm alex, the creative director on this game and I'm Lebanese hehe born and raised! 

This game is so important to me and I wanted to infuse it with every facet of my identity and that of my loved ones, blood family or found family. You are correct that the demo doesn't get to showcase any of that, but we're working really hard to make sure the game does. It's not gonna be an exoticism view on it so it'll just be in the setting, the backgrounds, the plants, the objects, you know? It's hard to explain through just the endless mode... I thought I'd share a little concept art one of our artists did for the game. I gave them pictures of my grandma's house I took in Beirut for inspiration, and the result kept making me cry... I can't show the final yet but I can show you where it started, and hope you see yourself reflected even a little in the final.

Thank you for trying the demo! <3

Inshallah na3mel 2a7la game w t7ebbouha, w inshallah ntalli3ha bel 3arabi kaman.





Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, and I hope my initial comment wasn't too aggressive in tone. The sketch there definitely oozes the Levantine culture I'm familiar with, particularly the tea adornments and set. It is kind of amazing how on itchio comments and feedback can be given in this manner, something not too easily possible on other platforms, and it's why I love checking out new and exciting things here.

Congratulations on the Kickstarter campaign and I do look forward to see it all put together!

Just tried the mac demo and sadly it ran pretty slow on my relatively new laptop. Also, I got flashing red lines on the edges of the screen that might be a seizure risk. I hope the full release will work for me, because this looks so cool otherwise!

thank you for this! I'll make sure to look into it, can you please let me know the specs for your mac? Is it intel or M1 chip? What OS are you on?

It's Catalina 10.15.7 on a 2019 16 inch MacBook Pro. 

2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7

16 GB 2667 MHz DDR4

AMD Radeon Pro 5300M 4 GB

Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB


It's a really nice game, but I have a question. Why did you name your character Iskandar? Iskandar was a very popular Indonesian name in the 70s. Does this mean he's Indonesian, or secretly an old man?


LOL that's amazing and we had no idea!

"Iskandar" is also an old man name in Lebanon, where the creative director is from and the setting is inspired! It's the Arabic version of "Alexander"! He's supposed to be Arab, but that's a very interesting note, thank you for sharing!


just found out about this game. do u guys plan on releasing that game on console ? my poor laptop cant handle anything at all  and i would love to play this

no plans as of yet but it is our dream to have it on console, so we're gonna try our best!


thx . i really wish yall the best and hope that day will come true . i would love to play it on xbox 


Lovely demo, can't wait for the full game. :)


I love this! While I'm generally not a huge fan of this style of game, I really like the art style and the feel of the game overall. Plus, I certainly can't pass up a game that's overtly queer :p


I got the demo in a bundle and I got to say. Great game for it's genre. It's pretty relaxing and seeing the features to come sounds pretty damn great. Good luck in your build, will likely pick up a copy for me and my girlfriend when the official release drops. 10/10 if you're looking for a chill puzzle game with some nice neon flare to the art.


i loved this game! im a big fan of pokemon puzzle challenge/league and this nourishes my thirst for the genre!

good job, y'all!


Solid game!


I love this game! I can't wait for the full version to come out.  Love how divers it is. The art style is so cute and amazing!


The vibes are indeed very chill on this one. Excited to see how the rest of the game turns out!




I've seen a lot of positive reviews of this game, and I hate to be that guy. However, someone has to point out the GLARING flaw in this game. Its beautiful art style, simple and fun gameplay,  and super relaxing music make it far too addictive. I could hardly pull myself away to write this. So, be warned.


Very solid. Good difficulty gradient, too - chill is just that, un-chill provides enough impetus to use the spell, and oh jeez is... oh jeez oh fuck.


This looks AMAZING. It plays great too but I can't get over how cool it all feels. 

The Mac demo doesn't work for me, it just comes up with a black screen


Never mind I got it to work :)


how did you make it work??


I right clicked the .app file, clicked show package contents, opened contents, MacOS and opened the file in there. Hope this helps :)


Love the beat, chill vibes and art style. Wish I could see more characters ^^


You will! So many of them! Just gotta keep some stuff in store for the final game...


Fun demo, hope to see the full game hit the shelves someday. "Oh Jeez Oh F*ck* difficulty is perfect :)

we hope so too! Hopefully next year!


Linux demo please? :)


Had a really fun time playing this game and I definitely wanna see where it goes!! 


omg this is the first match 3 game that doesn't stress me out, the music is beautiful and soothing, and the artstyle is gorgeous!! i love this so much already ;-;



Love this game!!! So proud of our sister team <33!!

I love you!

Looks like a pretty nice game, love the art style, however, I don't own a Mac so I can try it, any plans on when a pc demo will be available?

turns out we checked a wrong checkbox... Should be back now! Apologies!


why's there only a mac version?


turns out we checked a wrong checkbox... Should be back now! Apologies!

lmao nice


Hi, I saw someone comment about a PC ver of the demo but the current download seems to be Mac only. Will there be an updated PC demo, or is there a place to get a previous version?

turns out we checked a wrong checkbox... Should be back now! Apologies!

I wanted to play the new demo with the song from Unbeatable, but it looks like only the Mac update is available. Will you be adding the Windows version as well? Thank you in advance!


turns out we checked a wrong checkbox... Should be back now! Apologies!

no problem, thank you for fixing it! ^-^


I don’t know that the “why spirit swap” section is needed on this page. The bit about it being a premium game could go in the features and the rest of it belongs on your website unless being used explicitly as marketing (which would be quite morally questionable).

Just 2¢ from another developer. Wish you luck :)

ay can i translate the game for my brazillian bois? i can traslate the game to brazillian portuguese and even european portuguese, devs can contact me in this email: bfisdrippin@gmail.com

(1 edit)

I really like the feeling the game gives me, but because I'm so tired all the time, even this is too hard for me. I wish there was some kind of relax mode so I could just use this to relax, instead of having to really focus.

If you do, could you also add it to the demo so I know this game is for me before I spend my money on it? Because I barely have enough money to live from as it is..

Also, if it's not too much trouble for you, maybe a linux version as well?


Hey Naomi! Thank you for the feedback, we're considering a chill mode for the final game but can't promise it right now! Not sure if we'll be able to make a Linux build of the demo with only 7 days left for the Kickstarter but we will if we have time! The final game will be available on Linux for sure.

Oh no, the linux build thing was not about the demo. No rush. Just asking for maybe the final build or when you have time after everything is done or something.


the final will be on Linux too! :D

(2 edits) (+3)(-2)

You've said Online Vs. is not in the plan, but I'm putting this out there with hopes that this somehow becomes real. GGPO Rollback Networking SDK (https://www.ggpo.net/) is free under The MIT License, here's rollback pseudo code (https://gist.github.com/rcmagic/f8d76bca32b5609e85ab156db38387e9), and check out Fightcade (https://www.fightcade.com/about) which lets you play Tetris Attack with P2P rollback netcode.

The demo is great. Good music, lovely visuals, and it even has gamepad support. I love playing on my arcade joystick. Not sure where else to leave feedback, but there's some game logic that doesn't quite work like in the original. Some other features I'd like to see: Button Mapping/Assignment menu, Tutorial Mode, Leaderboards/High Scores. Keep up the good work.

hey Shining4ace! Thank you for all that, and we'd love to hear more of your feedback, there's a demo feedback channel specifically in our Discord if you'd like to join it? https://discord.gg/pSYhWbq2J8


Hi! I would like to offer my service in order to translate Spirit Swap into Spanish. I know it may seem too early to think about it but I think it could really benefit the game in the near future!

I leave you my e-mail for further information or details. Please feel free to contact me and ask me anything. d.patch@hotmail.es

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