Spirit Swap Demo v1.1

Patch notes:

  • Updated the gameplay music to meltycanon's Sweet
  • Added difficulty modes: Chill, Un-Chill, and Oh Jeez Oh F*ck
    • Chill uses 4 spirit types and the game doesn't get faster, so play as long as you like!
    • Un-Chill is very nearly the same as v1.0 difficulty, with 5 spirits and reasonable speed ramping
    • OJOF is 6 pieces and to be honest I can't go more than a minute at this speed it's so much
  • Added a Play Again button that allows you to skip the VN segments (your chosen difficulty is kept)
  • Fixed various bugs, including:
    • A text display issue on Mac
    • An error with too many particles appearing on high multipliers
    • Stop time not activating at high multipliers
    • Icons freezing on the screen
    • Other small ones I might be forgetting, Iskandar's abs distracted me, it's very hard to program when they're always on your screen


Demo PC 61 MB
Apr 17, 2021
Demo Mac 72 MB
Apr 20, 2021

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