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It crashes sometimes after you play for a while. Other than that it's a good game.

Thank you for playing! Which platform/OS are you playing on?

I play on Windows.

Ok, we're looking into it! thank you :)

Anything else you may have noticed happening right before it crashes?

No, thank you for the help I appreciate it.

Really wanted to try the demo but it unfortunately crashes after a few seconds of being in the main menu qwq

that is so weird! What platform are you playing on if you don't mind me asking?

Playing on windows!

looking into it! Please let me know if you notice something in particular before it crashes, it helps us narrow down the issue :)

This is a cool game 

thank you ;u; <33333

Seems like a cool game any plans  on having a demo for Linux as well ?
I mean it's made with  unity so it can be done if you document yourself a little ;) ?
Pretty please ? :)

Also as a lot of linux gamers will tell you "Don't try to support all distribution support it on Ubuntu and stick to that users of other distributions are used to cross reference libraries and get what they are missing , just stick to your guns of only supporting latest Long Term  Support version of Ubuntu (so the versions of Ubuntu called LTS ) 


I can ask the programmers, but no promises right now as we're trying not to burn out working on the demo while managing the Kickstarter...

this came looks ao cute but unfortunately i cant open it for some reason..when ever i tried to open just shows 'made with unity' anf then just close the game :( help please..i really want to enjoy this game

hey DanDev, I'm really sorry to hear that! What system and OS are you on, if you don't mind me asking? We can look into it!

I din't played it yet but i like the body diversity in this game. How did you come up with this idea?


the dev team looks like that too haha that's all


Well i can just say that it is amazing you make the game that way body diversity is so important its gonna be a good game


this is the vest and most interesting take on panel de pon i have ever seen!!


thank you so much! ;u; we'll do our best to entertain fellow Panel de Pon fans!


Super chill! Had a great time playin'. Would be cool if the music loop changed/evolved as the player reaches different score thresholds to avoid sound fatigue. Sounds great though, and looks great! Cheers.


we're hoping endless will mix several tracks through its progression in the final,  so you're absolutely right! :D

Thank you for playing!

This game is colorful

thank you for playing it! :D


Really chill game, liked it and the Soundtrack! I only think it would be cool if there were more effects when doing matches and stuff, to spice it up! Also it would be great if there were more playable characters (If that isn't planned already!)


Thank you Vinny! :D

Yeah, all of that stuff is planned for the final game: more characters, more polish, etc etc

This looks quite lovely : ) if you haven't seen. we've been running a jam to find games for a queer games bundle! feel free to join ~


hey this is a lovely initiative! Our game is just a demo though and it links to our Kickstarter at the end... possibly not the most relevant to you? let us know!


i played thru your demo & it's really nice! if you'd like to join, feel free to : )

I love the desing of the characters


Thank you so much! Our artists worked very hard!

oooo nice art!

tysm! :DD

Np >:D

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It won't open :(

I'm on a mac and after downloading it's just a black screen

ooh that sucks... which OS are you on if you don't mind me asking? I want to look into this

This is the problem I'm having too! It either gives me a black screen or just the "the application quit unexpectedly" error (I made a comment below) 

We've been looking into it, this is weird but can you tell me the make/model of your Mac as well as which OS you're using, please?


this game is jshdahfagdgayjassjs




This was super fun! I really enjoy match 3 games (even though I'm horrible at them)! Especially if they have some visual novel mechanics with them. Extra points for a lofi focus as well. Always happy to support games with great representation too, very excited for the full release!

this was so fun to watch! You got the hang of it real quick, too, from 23k to 300k+ :D 

So glad you enjoyed it and this is only our very first demo so there is much MUCH more to the game!

Sounds great! Can't wait to see more!


loved it. it even ran perfectly fine on my old junk of a pc.


(i reallly love Iskandar too)

I'll be sure to let them know ;3

I played it the first time and now I'm back for the update...but my computer glitched on unchill mode (some rows were moving but most were not), and now it's still running and i can't force close it...

ok i figured out how to close it, laptop very hot though

aah are you on Mac or PC? any details on what happened? Will look into it!

I'm on PC.  One time there was one row moving slowly downward and all the other rows were frozen, and another time the bottom rows disappeared totally.  It might just be that this game is a bit high-quality/fast on unchill mode...laptop is maybe 4 or 5 years old now, so not super old or super new.  I'll email you a screenshot.


Great game I saw it on the front page and had to give it a try,

I did a video trying it out

Keep up the good work

thank you so much for playing PrincessLuna! You are very cute and your rainbow wings are adorable! :D

Awww thank you~


Strange how all this music is high-fidelity.


[sweating profusely]


Really great game! It is on my Week's Top 5!

Check my video!


thank you so much!!


I really enjoyed playing the demo and can't wait until the full version comes out. I'll be supporting the kickstarter as soon as i get paid because this is such a necessary game. 

thank you so much! We're so glad you enjoyed it!!


This game is amazing for those who just want to have a great time and relax after some stressful work, I highly recommend it for those who need some time to recoup after a big math test or even some writing
but question for the devs:
do you think at some point you'll do what other games do and release the soundtrack for ~5$+? because id be down to buy this game for like 20$ and spend an extra 50$ because these songs are just *chefs kiss*


The game's soundtrack will be sold by the composers on their bandcamps because we want them to make money off their work too!

A small 3 song Spirit Swap EP is out right now, by our lead composer meltycanon, check it out if you like, it's 3$!


Holy shit, this looks like Panel de Pon!  I might try this out!


it does! :D We love PDP, so you nailed the inspo!


The gameplay is extremely addicting! It took a while to get the hang of at first, but eventually you start to see the patterns.

Pausing the scroll on every match is a nice touch, I feel like it gave me time to quickly scan the board to find other matches so I have a better shot at keeping the screen clear. 

The square spell was also nice, I found keeping quads of stones "ready" to go incase I needed an emergency clear was really helpful.

The visuals and music are great too. And I love the main character's design.

The only critical thing I have to say is that some difficulty options would be nice to see in the full game. The current rate the speed increases feels extremely overwhelming sometimes. It'd be nice to be able to slow it down.

Glad to see you guys reached your funding goal on Kickstarter, I hope you do well!

Thanks a ton :D

We're working on a difficulty update for the demo since we're still early in the kickstarter campaign! Thank you so much for the feedback!

absolutely gorgeous! excited for this game!!

heey thank you for the video Steev! :D Loved it!!


Hey, there! I'm really excited to play the demo, but I can't seem to get it to work on my computer. Before I go screwing around too much more, I was wondering what the system requirements are. My Macbook runs High Sierra and most of the sorts of games I'm into (see: visual novels etc) run just fine, so I was surprised to see that this wouldn't open. Thanks! Super looking forward to the game! 


hey! that's weird... Can you please tell me the exact error you're getting? and if no error comes up, explain the behavior you're seeing?

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Yes, absolutely! The only error message I get is the stock, "This application quit unexpectedly," one. The little icon just does the boing boing boing in my dock like it's going to open, and then it vanishes and nothing else happens. Tried it a couple of times, restarted my computer, etc. Same result. 


ok, we're gonna look into that! Sorry and thank you for letting us know!

No problem! I'm excited for the game regardless! 

will it be available for mobile?

no plans to put it on mobile right now!


It's delightful and I like seeing the art and gameplay demos. One thing about the demo, though, is that the speed level cranks up way too quickly for me, such that if I'm playing okay, I get to speed level 5, and the pauses are too short to find other matches, and then I've gone from starting the game to game over within a couple of minutes. If that's what you were aiming for, then it works well, but if you wanted someone to be able to play the demo for a little longer before it all came crashing down, the speed increases might need some tweaking. 

(Or maybe I'm just not good at these kinds of games, but I'd really like to be able to play this game without having to deal with "git gud" as a design feature.)

I still plan on backing , though, because I want to see this game come into the world.

You're not alone. I tried to play the demo twice and lasted less than 5 minutes each time.  I was kinda looking forward to getting to chill and play for a while without having to be frantic about it but the demo really doesn't allow for that.


hey! I already replied to the comment above but I'll copy paste for convenience: 

"Hi! Oh no we really dislike the "git gud" mentality and weren't aiming for that at all. The ramp up does get pretty dramatic, it's literally exponential. The answer is that it's a demo so we were trying to find a balance between not to slow but not too fast. I guess we didn't really hit that! 

We'll look into difficulty scaling and try to update it as soon as possible, please be patient with us!"

Basically we're gonna try to  figure something out and make it ramp up slower!

Try to use square

(1 edit)

Square would probably be a little too slow. Since we're giving out suggestions I'd say look for a superpolynomial/subexponential like x^(log(x)). You get the same function form, but it "takes longer" for the ramp up to become absurd. It's probably what they should be looking for in this scenario.


Hi! Oh no we really dislike the "git gud" mentality and weren't aiming for that at all. The ramp up does get pretty dramatic, it's literally exponential. The answer is that it's a demo so we were trying to find a balance between not to slow but not too fast. I guess we didn't really hit that! 

We'll look into difficulty scaling and try to update it as soon as possible, please be patient with us!


Also difficulty settings could play a role in this? Or just having an endless mode where the difficulty stays wherever you set it. Would be great for neuro-divergent accessibility 

Seconding this comment! Neuro-divergent myself and I'm probably going to kickstart the game anyway because ooh, fantasy from (instead of of) a culture I haven't seen a lot of and such pretty art! But my hand-eye coordination and reaction speed are... Well. I'd love to be able to play this and experience it as intended instead of just watching an LP.

we're working on difficulty settings for the demo, they should be ready to go and the demo updated in the next few days :D

Thank you for sharing your perspective! We definitely want the greatest number of people possible to be able to enjoy the game at their pace!

Appreciate getting back to us about this. Don't rush something that you aren't ready to put out, especially during the Kickstarter phase. It's going to be great to see how the game evolves over the next eighteen months.

Whats the name of the song in the clip? I was actually searching so much for the name of it <3

That's the Spirit Swap Theme by meltycanon! It's up on our Soundcloud!

Hi, I tried to open this on my Mac but I'm getting an error message that says it can't be opened because Apple can't check it for malicious software and it needs to be updated? Not sure if that's something you can actually fix haha

Hey Chris! That's normal, since we're not an authorized Apple developer yet. You can still open it, and here's how:

We will get authorized for the actual game release, this is just temporary for the demo release!


I like a lot! Good Job! What kind of engine did you use?  Godot? Unity? :)

From the files of the demo it looks like a Unity engine game

you're right! it's Unity! :D

Unfortunately, I have a Surface Pro X and I can't run this demo. I'll probably back the project anyway, but you should consider compiling for ARM64 or x86, to reach more customers. It doesn't look like this game needs to be AMD64-only and a 32-bit version would probably still run fine.

We're not 100% sure but we'll look into that! Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

Thanks for considering it :)


Panel de Pon with a cute witchy aesthetic, yes please!


Hiiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it ^^, hopefully it helps :)

-The concept works pretty well.

-The visual style is very eyecatching and unique, it also fits the theme of the game perfectly ^^.

-The gameplay mechanics are pretty great and once you get into them they become very fun.

-I had to remove some parts of the audio on the video as I got some copyright claims on it, I know that this is not very related to the game, but it can keep away some creators of content if you plan on making some socialmedia promos with creators ^^.

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


hey FullThrough! This is amazing, thank you so much!

We own all the music from Spirit Swap so the fact that you're getting flagged off of the in-game song is super concerning! That shouldn't be happening , we're looking into and hopefully fixing that ASAP.

Thank you so much for letting us know and my apologies for the trouble.

You are welcome ^^, I'm here to help if you sometimes need to do any kind of comprobations like that :D

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finally, a 2015+ game that looks like a free mobile game with actual uniqueness and quality work like the early 2010s mobile games. and a trailer that doesn't involve some generic model.  10/10  already for looking like a mobile game but is still being different than literally 98% of free mobile games. Mobile companies should learn from this game. 


we love a good mobile game here too! So rare to see people not use "mobile game" as an insult, especially given they're often on par with other systems these days! Thank you!


Wow, Isk is right... I really AM a person!

Sure a chill game demo, I was hooked from the trailer music and it's great to see that the gameplay's tight enough to back up those vibes! Can't wait for the full release!


you ARE a person, and don't you let anyone tell you otherwise! thank you for playing!


So fun! Glad I backed.

thank you so much!!

I loved the feel of it! it was definitely relaxing, and I love the music and personalities we saw of the characters in the demo. Super excited to see where it goes, and for the release! Already on the Steam wishlist lol

thank you so much, dobitelo!

It's great. It was a bit hard for me to adapt to using the keyboard to play xD but it was fun. Looking forward for more ^^


you know a little frog told me you can actually use a gamepad to play this... you should try it...

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